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Dec 26, 2011 5:03pm EST
in north texas are searching for answers to determine how a christmas get together turned deadly. seven people found shot to death inside an apartment yesterday morning. tammy has more on how the murder-suicide rattled the community. >> reporter: neighbor pam lyon in a state of shock as she found out four women and three men shot to death early this christmas morning only a few feet away. >> i feel very, very sorry for i don't know who was involved but i can't -- i can't fathom that. >> reporter: police got a 911 call from inside this lincoln vineyard apartment. when no one responded to the operator. grapevine police rushed to the scene. >> anytime we have a call like that, we have to investigate it further as to the reason why 911 was called. it's why officers made an entry into the apartment. >> reporter: they found seven victims inside ranging from 15 to 58 years old in the kitchen all dead from gunshot wounds. police say this crime is shocking, even to them. >> i have been with this police department for 12 years. this is probably the most tragic thing i have been involved in. >> re
Dec 14, 2011 5:00pm EST
chicago, o'hare and midway airport. texas where they had severe weather in northeastern texas, today. early tomorrow morning, thursday, partly cloudy. a little bit of sunshine. the rain, the front comes into the area at 2:00 tomorrow. between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. is the best chance for rain. things dry up as the front makes its way across the mountains. tomorrow night, cloud cover and a fair amount of cloud cover left around on friday, too until the front continues moving to the south and east and high pressure builds in. friday, we are still overcast. we are still breezy and chilly at 50 degrees. for your evening, damp, 42 to 45 degrees with a light southerly wind. tomorrow morning, 34 to 39. a coat will be required for the early part of the day. tomorrow, during the afternoon, heading up to the 50s. mid to upper 50s with a 50% chance of light showers tomorrow. not everyone is going to get rain tomorrow. those that do get rain will not get a lot of rain. the weekend, 46 and 47 degrees. very, very nice weekend coming our way here. the last weekend before christmas. >> looks good. nice
Dec 5, 2011 5:00pm EST
on the backside. another area of snow in the panhandle of oklahoma and texas where they have seen temperatures drop a huge number. temperatures in dallas right now, 47. denver right now, around seven, the actual temperature, seven degrees. the windchill could be down to 15 below zero. that's the colder air that filters in here. we are not going to see the coldest air. 23 in omaha, nebraska. 32 in st. louis. 39 in memphis. 73 in jacksonville. we are going to see the warm air ahead of the system first as the frontal boundary is to the west. mild ahead of it. very cold air. behind this system, tomorrow, we'll see the showers and the rain move through. it's not going to be an all day rain. when we do see the rain, some of us may see a moderate downpour or two as the rain moves through. still mild with temperatures into the low to mid-60s for some of us. as the area of low pressure moves to the north, this area of low pressure will see the frontal boundary move across the area on wednesday afternoon. we are going to see rain during the day on wednesday. then the cold air is right off to our west. i
Dec 16, 2011 5:00pm EST
was not in town at the time. >> let me tell you, i hope i am the tim tebow of the iowa caucuses. >> that's texas governor rick perry at last night's debate. that meeting was the last scheduled debate before the caucus january 3rd. it was to avoid confrontation between the top two. newt gingrich got a laugh in a reference to an interview where mitt romney called him zaney. they focused any negative energy on president obama instead of each other. >> i think governor romney deserves some credit. >> do you want to respond to that credit? >> thank you. >> i sometimes get accused of using language that is too strong, so i have been standing her editing. i'm very concerned about not appearing to be zaney. >> mitt romney got a boost today this morning on fox news. south carolina governor gave romney her endorsement. >>> still ahead, fairfax county makes a decision about whether to allow surveilness cameras in schools. why this fight is still not over. >> baby jesus has been found. who's accused of stealing him from that christmas display? >>> i'm liz crenshaw. where does the money go when airlines get
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4